Monday, 30 November 2015

Instagram is too easy

Hi lovelies,

You all know the drill when it comes to posting. I come and disappear just as fast.
It's a joke but I'm determined it will change one day.
So I thought to share my very active Instagram posts.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Sunday at the Yarra Valley

Hello Lovlies,

We drove to the Yarra Valley with the neices to check out the annual Hot Chocolate Festival running until the end of August. Everyone enjoyed a fabulous cup of hot chocolate. 
I decided to take the opportunity and squeeze in a outfit of the day to share.
Hoping to share some awesome purchases made at a recent warehouse sale attendeded. Staring with this awesome knit dress. 

Knit midi dress- Cameo 
Pencil skirt-Topshop 
Hijab- gift 
Bag-Forever New 

Photo credit goes to my neice Nada. 
Thank you always. 

Much love 
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Back from my slumber

So I keep coming back hoping to sustain the momentum I've created in my head for but before you know it I'm back to wondering why I still have my blog active today.
In the 7 months between posts I'm wondering when the next post will come.
I truly admire fellow bloggers that can bring out contents day in day out without fail. 
I can easily list my reasons but I don't see the point. I'll just share my ootd from todays stroll through one of my favourite gardens in Melbourne.

Photo credit to my beautiful niece Nada who came out with me today and road tested her new camera.  


until next time
take care

Trendy Melbourne xoxox